Did you know that only one blood unit can save three people?

That a significant proportion of cancer cases are haematological malignancies and often occur in children and adolescents?

Some data are more unpleasant than others, but one more reason not to close our eyes. On the occasion of World Anti-Leukemia Day, Bloode organizes Volunteer Blood Donation Against Cancer on Sunday, September 22 at Third Place, offering its space for the noblest and most difficult fight, proving that blood donation is a way of life bigger gift at the lowest cost.

Since December 2014, when the Bloode social initiative has opened its doors, it has responded to 275 emergency blood calls through its digital platform (bloode.org) and has organized 77 voluntary donations gathering thousands of blood units. So it is getting closer and closer to its goal, which is to meet the needs of the blood and increase the voluntary blood donors in Greece.

The Volunteer Blood Donation will take place on Sunday, September 22, at Third Place, which is located at Apollonos 23B in Plaka, just 6 minutes from Syntagma Metro Station and 8 minutes from Monastiraki Metro Station.

Donation is supported by the National Center for Voluntary Blood Donation.

Those who wish to donate blood are kindly requested to have their ID card with them and to know their AMKA.

You can find more information here.