The G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation organizes the blueFest Crete | Culture & Beyond festival for the second year on July 13th-14th 2019, at Minos Beach art hotel, a member of bluegr Hotels & Resorts, in Agios Nikolaos Crete. With a long history and aiming to highlight the cultural heritage of the country, promote the work of Greek artists and strengthen the links between tourism and culture, this year, the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation presents artistic and gastronomic activities with the backdrop of one of the most beautiful places in Crete.

The first day of blueFest Crete 19 | Culture & Beyond is dedicated to art, and the second day to the wealth of Cretan land and gastronomy.


Cultural activities

BlueFest Crete 19 | Culture & Beyond starts on Saturday, July 13th, with the inauguration of the visual exhibition “Come with the Wind”, a work by the visual artist Theodoros Zafeiropoulos and the architect Yorgos Rimenidis, winners of the “G. & A Mamidakis Foundation Art Award-Artistic Program Hosting 2019” instituted for the first time this year.

The work is a sculpture and sound installation with references to the ancient monument of Aerides in Plaka. The eight sound columns that form it are placed perimetrically in relation to a central point to the eight points of the horizon, allowing the visitor to hear the sound of the corresponding wind, depending on their location. Sounds that refer to each wind are triggered by motion sensors and the installation allows the visitor to hear the sound of the corresponding wind depending on their location. In case concurrent attendance of viewers triggers all the winds, the middle of the square transforms into an unexpected and improvisational wind symphony.

It is worth saying that the sounds reproduced by the sound columns are digitally processed recordings of traditional music coming from eight different places of the world, as they are geographically defined according to the Lasithi Prefecture. Music turns into sounds of the wind, while the columns themselves act as anti-speakers which, depending on the actual wind in the area, they produce extra sound with the whole installation referring to the wind musical instruments of antiquity. The in-situ installation of “Come with the Wind” is completed by airy ringtones of the eight-wind sounds, while visitors’ mobile phones function as anti-speakers, orchestrating a sound environment that spreads like an air whisper throughout the whole hotel complex.

Following its presentation, “Come with the Wind” will be part of the Foundation’s international permanent collection and will be exhibited at the Minos Beach art hotel’s open-air museum.

On the same day, the inauguration of the “Blue Nights” exhibition will take place in the direction of the art historian and art director of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, Sotirios Bahtsetzis. Inspired by the Greek tradition of summer cinemas, video artwork of major artists, such as Alexandros Kaklamanos: Full Circle, James Lane: Dream Oracle and Theodoros Zafeiropoulos: The Holy View,  will be displayed at the outdoor spaces of Minos Beach art hotel. In this action, the local element is combined with the international, since the presentation of their works brings Greek memories, but the messages they discuss relate to universal, timeless and contemporary issues that concern humanity.

The first day of the festival ends with the live music concert “Radiotherapy” by the composer Nikos Xinos. Always supporting the local community of art, this year, the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation invites the musician and resident of Agios Nikolaos in Crete, to end the first day of the festival with a show that celebrates 10 years of the performance. “Radiotherapy” is a set of personal compositions by Nikos Xynos in lounge ethnic jazz style in live orchestration using looper and various musical instruments.


Cretan gastronomy and tradition, the initiative of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, for the recognition of Greek talent in every field of creativity, aiming to promote successful people in Greece and abroad, organizes for BlueFest Crete 19 | Culture & Beyond the third thematic presentation for 2019 related to Gastronomy. The vision of for the promotion of Greek entrepreneurship, meets the love that bluegr Hotels & Resorts’ consultant chef Giannis Baxevanis has for Cretan products, in line with the philosophy of the hotel group that focuses on Greek raw materials. Together they present selected Cretan producers of Cretan olive oil, dairy products from the mountains of Crete and fine bakery and pasta, on the second day of the festival.

Within the framework of the presentation, several short interviews will be held with the selected Cretan producers, which will be shown on all communication channels of (website and social media), passing the message of creativity to Greece and abroad and enhancing the image of Greek entrepreneurs internationally.


A hotel, like a masterpiece

The whole set of events, of blueFest Crete 19 | Culture & Beyond, is held this year at Minos Beach art hotel, which is a member of Bluegr Hotels & Resorts and Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Its unique architectural style, the open-air art gallery hosting the artworks of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation at its establishments and the rich culinary history of Minos Beach art hotel, compose the ideal setting for the cultural festival.

Buildings in nude hues and services that can satisfy even the most demanding traveler, blend in harmony with the impressive collection of artworks of the top Greek and foreign artists, that adorn every corner of the hotel, while the gastronomic delights it offers, reflect the Cretan and Greek tradition, realizing the statement of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation President, Gina Mamidakis: “tourism has to be a holistic cultural experience”.

Admission is free for all blueFest Crete | Culture & Beyond events, however it is necessary to reserve your seats. For bookings please call 0030 28410 22345 or send an email to

The Blue Nights exhibition, as well as the Open Museum will be open to the public until the end of October.


More about the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation

The history of the Foundation begins in 1988, with the organization of the 1st Art Symposium at Minos Beach art hotel, where 32 world renowned sculptors created artworks inspired by the environment and turned the hotel’s garden into a true open-air museum. With the Art Symposiums that followed (1990, 1993) and over time, the Foundation created a valuable collection of contemporary art, including artworks by leading artists such as Nikos Alexiou, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Costas Varotsos, Giorgos Giparakis, Theodoros, Vlassis Kaniaris, Rena Papaspyrou, Taki, Kostas Tsoklis.

The success of the Symposiums of Art formed the establishment of the Foundation in 1993, which Gina Mamidakis has named in honor of her parents, George and Aristea Mamidaki.

The open-air museum of Minos Beach art hotel currently provides a series of important outdoor artworks, inspired by the existing environment as well as by topics of general interest, accessible to both the hotel guests and the public.

The aim of G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, through its actions and programs, is to promote the cultural wealth of the country, to project and support the human capital, to reinforce society through educational actions and training initiatives, to restore and protect the environment, to strengthen and enrich tourism and culture affairs.


More about

Starting with faith in the power and creativity of the Greek spirit and with the main message: “We believe, we can”, is one of the most creative initiatives of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, which aims to promote entrepreneurs, artists and other professionals moving on the paths of extroversion and sustainable development.

Through business forums, exhibitions, conferences, networking events, but also interviews and online mini documentaries, offers a platform to the most dynamic and promising part of the Greek society to present its work and future plans.

The initiative is supported by Gina Mamidaki, the President of G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, who remains committed to Greek society through non-profit actions. The initiative gives voice to successful Greek entrepreneurs, creators and experts selected for their talent, ethos, creativity, extroversion, innovation and potential. With their ethics and vision, they constitute an important chapter for our country that deserves to be featured abroad.


More about bluegr Hotels & Resorts

Bluegr Hotels & Resorts has three hotel units in Crete, Minos Beach art hotel, Minos Palace hotel & suites, Candia Park village, Life Gallery athens in Athens and Sunprime Miramare Park in Rhodes. The mission of bluegr Hotels & Resorts is to bring luxury vacations to a whole new level of entertainment, presenting a new experience in four and five star hotels, supporting the three pillars of quality tourism: excellent locations, unique services, authentic experiences.


More about Minos Beach art hotel

Minos Beach art hotel, a member of Bluegr Hotels & Resorts and Small Luxury Hotels of the World, is located in Mirabello Bay in eastern Crete. It is a luxurious 5-star resort by the sea, which harmoniously combines the traditional architecture of the area with the elegant environment and highlights of authentic Cretan hospitality through modern facilities and excellent services.

What makes Minos Beach art hotel unique is its history and close relationship with Art, as it hosts works of art of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation’s collection. Impressive sculptures and subversive installations are in perfect harmony with the hotel’s natural outdoor surroundings, and also act as interior decoration elements. Internationally famous artists, such as Nikos Alexiou, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Kostas Varotsos, Giorgos Giparakis, Theodoros, Vlassis Kaniaris, Rena Papaspyrou, Taki, Kostas Tsoklis and many others, welcome guests to a real outdoors museum.

What is also special, is Minos Beach art hotel’s gastronomic philosophy, featuring five restaurants and three bars. Greek and Cretan cuisine are the stars, while the award-winning La Bouillabaisse restaurant, a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs chain, with a history dating back to the 1970s, is a must-visit.

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