The British Council, as part of its wider program for the Sustainability of Circular Cultures and the European Cultures Week of the EUNIC network being held on 21-25 September, organizes a webinar on Thursday 24 September 2020 to raise awareness of the impact of human activity on the environment, disseminate knowledge and share good practices.

Matter matters and ‘circular economies’ consider how material resources are continually circulated within more sustainable systems. This one-hour masterclass will unpack ‘circular systems’ and sustainability, but will also present the ‘flip-side’ of circular design with the many values that can ‘spin-out’ from circular practices. It will engage with the often-ill-considered human, social and cultural aspects that are essential if ‘more sustainable’ models for material resourcing are to succeed. Furthermore, it will present methods for how we actually design-in value to our circular products and services through the presentation of thought-provoking examples of ‘meaningful materials’ and products.

The masterclass will be useful for anyone interested in, but new to, sustainable material debates, as well as those who have established practices or knowledge of sustainable design and/or development. It will use pioneering as well as everyday examples of circular design, but will always seek to inspire and promote new thinking in this evolving subject and critical field.

Participation is free with online registration until September 20.

You can register here.