The 1st carbon bottle

Through their innovative partnership, LanzaTech, Total and L’Oréal have created the world’s first sustainable packaging, made from concentrated and recycled carbon emissions. It is a technological and industrial breakthrough that proves that carbon emissions can be used to produce plastic packaging. This exclusivity demonstrates the…

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Balkan Green Academy 2020-21

The Balkan Green Foundation as part of the Regional Program Balkan Green Ideas is organizing the first Balkan Green Academy 2020/2021. Balkan Green Academy is one-week long program consisted of modules that covers three main pillars: policy-economy-society. The Academy uses cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary approach, encourages…

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COVID-19 & climate change

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant socio-economic impact internationally, with countries around the world being called upon to deal with uncertainty and fear in the face of an invisible threat. The declaration of quarantine and confinement was the tactic followed in most countries, in…

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