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“Product of the Year” 2021: The big winners who stood out for their innovation

Products and services from 39 categories were distinguished this year for their innovation, within the institution “Product of the Year”, organized by the Direction Business Network. The most innovative products and services of the domestic market were highlighted and awarded, within the internationally recognized and…

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Event on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution

Clio Muse co-founder Daphne Tsevreni and the company’s Head of Content, Christina Ntaltagianni will be participating at the online event of the Het Griekse Huis in Rotterdam “Ελλάδα 2021: Παρελθόν+Παρόν=Μέλλον” on Saturday, March, 27. “Ελλάδα 2021: Παρελθόν+Παρόν=Μέλλον” is organized in the Netherlands on the occasion of the bicentenary…

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