The pandemic changed the data in e-commerce, reversing indicators recorded by the BSE Digital Transformation Observatory in 2019.

According to the Association of Businesses and Industries, digital consumers in Greece amounted to 32% compared to 53% in the EU, while the growth rate of e-commerce was only 15%.

The number of digital users, more than doubled in April 2020, and consumer spending through online stores increased by up to 170% per week (compared to 2019), while e-commerce revenue in March and April increased six times. We also had 45% more online store traffic, both directly and through social media, 52% extra volume orders, 50% more computer orders and 53% more mobile orders. At the same time, 57% of department stores view online shopping positively even after the health alarm and 50% of new users are estimated to remain digital after the opening of physical stores.

Even if performance changes after the lifting of restrictive measures, this change will not bring us back to the old regime. People have learned to work, shop and trade online. Many will use the new methods on a permanent basis in the future.

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