Chios is known as “the island of mastic and Homer”, since tradition connects it with the great epic poet of antiquity, as his birthplace.

Clio Muse, a Leader of, in collaboration with the Tourism Department of the Chios Regional Unit of the North Aegean Region, created the tour “In the footsteps of Homer”, which consists of 13 points in the city of Chios, and 40 stories which reveal that Chios is the place of origin of Homer.

With the object of promoting the islands of P.E. Chios (Chios, Oinousses and the Heroic Island of Psara) as tourist destinations, the relationship of Chios with Homer is projected more systematically. This is a need that has been recorded recently, through discussions with representatives of tourism agencies, exhibitions and work on the establishment of the Chios brand as a destination.

Clio Muse undertook this project due to its specialization as an application of thematic digital tours provided via smartphones or tablets. In addition, the use of the storytelling technique for the composition of the tour was ideal for this project. As the material remains that document the relationship of Chios with Homer are limited, the creation of a digital tour that will extend throughout the island was considered an appropriate solution.

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