Almost a year after Clio Muse was featured at, the team behind the application which guides you at museums and other places of interest through original and entertaining stories appeared on SKAΪ TV and the show «The Last Word», presented by journalist Pavlos Tsimas. The segment was filmed at the Orange Grove, the co-working place created by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Athens to support entrepreneurs under 35. Yiannis Nikolopoulos, Andreas Fatouros and Daphne Tsevreni explained how they met and joined forces, how the application works and what it means to be a young entrepreneur in Greece at a time of recession and instability. Their message is absolutely positive: Don’t let uncertainty take the best of you, find like-minded people, work hard and –even if something goes wrong– you will have gained a lot in the process.

Watch the show broadcasted on 10/05/2015 online here (Greek only)