Clio Muse expanding its services to the dissemination of culture through its application, it announces its participation in Pluggy, a Horizon 2020 project!

Along with eight other partners from all over Europe Clio Muse will create a new social networking platform that promotes the participation of citizens to the preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage!

PLUGGY’s Social Platform users will be able to curate stories using PLUGGY’s Curatorial tool. Content will be both crowdsourced and retrieved from digital collections, allowing users to create links between seemingly unrelated facts, events, people and digitized collections, leading to new approaches of presenting cultural resources and new ways of interacting with them.

PLUGGY’s users will build living Virtual Exhibitions around topics they think are important and publish them for others to experience. The collections of these Virtual Exhibitions will eventually form Virtual Museums, curated and experienced by virtual heritage communities.