The COVID-19 pandemic found Clio Muse Tours, a LoveGreece Leader, in the midst of exciting upcoming collaborations and new beginnings. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented pandemic, the company was forced to slow down its plans for expansion to new destinations in order to protect its team and secure its future. This decision helped them stay united and to launch their new generation tours, a project in the pipeline since the beginning of 2020. Here is the Clio Muse Response to COVID-19.

As soon as they realized that Greece had COVID-19 cases they decided to immediately adopt the remote work model in order to secure their employees’ safety. A week before the Greek government announced the mandatory lockdown, they were all working from home. Remote working wasn’t a strange concept to them since as a company, they already had a one-day remote work policy. They take the life-work balance under serious consideration. As life slowly returned to normal, their office reopened again and in early July they unofficially inaugurated their new working space. Coming on a daily basis still isn’t mandatory.

Clio Muse Tours launched its first 23 virtual tour experiences in the first two weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. Their instant response to the COVID-19 pandemic put them in the spotlight and Clio Muse Tours gained the attention of important figures of the tourism industry in both a national and international level.

They chose their top-rated audio tours and transformed them into virtual tour experiences by combining 360° satellite and street views and their authors’ captivating narrations guiding users along the way.

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