Clio Muse Tours is an application that offers audio and virtual tour experiences in museums, exhibitions, cities in 11 countries such as Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain etc. It was founded in 2014 and its inspirers are three ambitious young people: Andreas, Daphne and Giannis. Their common vision is to create high quality products through digital tours of innovative technology that will bring culture to the forefront of the global tourism industry.

Clio Muse welcomed in 2021 dynamically with recognitions and awards in competitions in Greece and abroad. Selected as a finalist among 10,000 entries in the global startup competition “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) UNWTO” and are on the list of the top Travel Startup categories in the world at the Uzakrota Travel Awards 2020. Also selected as one of the 30 start-ups “Game Changer “in Greece from Startupper Mag in the field of creative industry.

Their work is undoubtedly a destination worth exploring so learn more about Clio Muse Tours here.