A significant publicity for the company and the Greek entrepreneurship in general is the recent (aired on 7/9) tribute of International CNN on APIVITA, according to an announcement of the company.

The products of APIVITA, the company itself, its history, but the current domestic and international activity were the subject of the show «Traders», a production of CNN Money.

This is a series of broadcasts which present entrepreneurs and corporations from around the world who utilize and highlight local characteristics and raw materials, applying innovative ideas and are characterized by openness and development.

The tribute includes interviews with the founders of APIVITA Nikos and Niki Koutsiana and an extensive presentation of its bioclimatic facilities of colonies but also financial details.

Under the heading «Natural beauty brand Apivita beats Greek recession» tells the story of how the first Greek natural cosmetics company with vision, philosophy, innovation, openness, and continued faith in all above, manages to exceed the challenges and difficulties of the modern economic and business environment.

Source tovima.gr.