Paul Eumorphidis, founder of the Coco-Mat company and known for his environmental activity, embarked on the longest and most important journey of his life, with the WWF Greece organization, and with the slogan “Move for Nature: Challenge yourself-Save your planet”.

Aiming to alert the general public about the climate crisis effects, and raising funds to support the WWF Greece’s work, Paul Eumorphidis will travel 7,500 km on a wooden bicycle, starting on January 8, 2020, from Athens. Within 3 months, he will cross 8 different countries, with Nepal as a final destination, from where he will climb the highest peak in the world, the mountain Everest, at an altitude of 8,848 meters.

At the heart of this journey and what mobilizes Paul Eumorphidis, is our planet and life on it, threatened by the climate crisis. For this reason, he chose through his journey to support the work of WWF Greece, asking for the public’s help to raise financial resources, valuable in order for the organization to continue its work for the natural environment protection in our country.

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