The Design Lab team, for this year’s event, felt it was necessary to return the design to the city center by bringing it close to the creative offices, creators, professionals and citizens of the capital.

Thus, one of the most important buildings of Athens, Mpankeion, was selected. The neoclassical building that was built in the designs of Ernest Ziller in the period 1890-1894 after a donation by Ioannis Pangas and is located in Omonia Square. An indicative of the historicity of the building is that at that point there existed a house in which the family of Charilaos Trikoupis lived until 1883.

The Design Lab team immediately after being informed of the availability of the Mpankeion, took immediate action to celebrate the 10 years of life and function of the emblem for event design, in an incomparable flagship area that is an Architectural, Visual and Historic Treasure!

Apart from the flagship area and the geographical location of the event, Design Lab 2019, at its 10th anniversary, is expected to be exciting: a three-day atmospheric celebration of design and new creativity is being prepared, combined with the acquisition of essential knowledge and high- level.

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