Technology has not only been a lifeline for businesses around the world during the pandemic, but it has allowed them to grow rapidly into one of the most subversive moments in history. The companies, which during the pandemic of their digital transformation accelerated, outperformed the competition, showing a fourfold increase in revenue.

Companies that boosted their technological innovation during the pandemic are increasing their revenue five times faster. Increasing their investment in cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, the ‘Leaders’ managed, during the pandemic, to increase their revenue five times faster than the Laggards). This rate is extremely high even at twice the rate of growth that the ‘Leaders’ reported a few years ago.

According to a new study by Accenture, many companies in the ‘Tails’ category have invested in new technologies for the first time, largely to maintain their business operations during the crisis, which puts them in an even worse position. According to the study, during the pandemic, a new category of companies emerged, the ‘Leapfroggers’.
This category stands out for its ability to quickly strike the right balance between the dynamics of their systems and the enhancement of their innovation. The “Altes” compressed their digital transformation in a short time through an aggressive and progressive technological strategy. This strategy turned last year’s challenges into business opportunities and benefits.

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