Combining the nonnegotiable quality and innovation, EPSA, acquired two honorable distinctions, of the Greek Brand Merchandise and of the Innovative Product, in “Made in Greece 2017” Awards.

Over the years, maintaining the “secret” recipe of the Lemonade, the quality of raw materials, concurrently with the absolute devotion, upgraded and obtained continuous value. A lemon-unique history. EPSA, is a founding member of the ΕΛΛΑ-ΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΣ initiative.

In the Award Ceremony which was held in Athens Concert Hall, Mr. Michael Tsaoutos, Director of EPSA, attended and collected the distinctions.

Made in Greece Awards, are coordinated every two years from the Greek Marketing Academy (ELAM), in the context of the continuous attempt to disseminate a new development model of innovation, which will respond to the modern production and marketing challenges of the products, based on quality, innovation, differentiation, targeted markets, international distribution networks and brand names.

EPSA, had received honorable distinctions for its products, once again in 2015.

Watch the interview of Penny Tsaoutou, CEO of EPSA.