Greek companies and organizations participating in international business meetings as part of the event will have the opportunity to network and develop business partnerships in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV) technology, commonly known as ‘Drones’ and their applications. DRONETECH 2019 – B2B Meetings.

The event, taking place in the context of the fourth DroneTech World Meeting, takes place on 18-19 October 2019 at the Arena Toruń (Poland). During this event all visitors and exhibitors will have the opportunity to participate in B2B meetings. The ACTA Network, co-ordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas, actively supports the event and the participation of Greek businesses, organizations and organizations in the event.

The event is attended by investors, entrepreneurs, scientists as well as participants who are excited about the field of Drones technology and their applications. In particular, the exhibition and the event of bilateral meetings are aimed at companies, bodies and individuals who are interested or active in the following areas:

  • Production and distribution of drones (drones production and distribution)
  • Drones training services and related technologies
  • Drones equipment and accessories
  • Wind and photovoltaic parks
  • Modern forestry and intelligent agriculture

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