EMST completed its programs for primary and secondary schools, aiming at enabling teachers and students to get acquainted with the EMST collection.

The EMST Education Department collaborated with the 1st Vocational Senior High School of Agia Paraskeyi, in the framework of its program “Seeking the cultural footprint of our school”. Through the presentation of artworks by Martha Rosler, Carlos Motta and Nina Papaconstantinou, the students were prompted to discuss on themes that have to do with their daily lives inside and outside of the school, with attitudes and behaviors, with ways of expression and communication. Afterwards each student chose a book that motivated their interest, and created their personal album, expressing desires, impressions, experiences, memories, emotions. The set of albums composes a group artwork that will remain in their school library.

In the scheduled exhibition with the student’s artworks that resulted from the museum’s educational programs, these albums will also be presented.