The egg speed matching is here!

With the launch of the 6th round of egg, it invites all of you who have an idea and want to do it, and you want to take part in someone else’s idea to become part of your business, on Wednesday 28.2.18 at 17:00, at egg, to join egg speed matching – find your partner!

What will happen at egg speed matching – find your partner?

  • We will sit down with those who have declared the industry of interest you have declared yourself. We will get to know each other and we will work together.
  • We will meet our mentor and train on Business Model Canvas & Value Proposition Canvas.
  • We will work together on your idea or work on the idea of someone else that interests us. The mentor will actively assist in stating our idea.
  • We will present all the groups separately what we have accomplished during our co-operation.

The benefits of egg speed matching – find your partner

  • Meet others of my age and my industry looking for a partner.
  • To discuss more about the idea that interests me and to find partners that we will implement together.
  • To train on new lean startup & business model generation.
  • Learn from the mistakes of other young people who have worked or have their own startup company.
  • Have fun.

What is egg – enter • grow • go;

Find out here:

Watch the interview of Roula Bachtalia, who is in charge of the program.

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