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Doctoranytime helps patients contact the doctor of their choice, and makes the appointment process easier and quicker through just three steps!

Video transcript

Doctoranytime was born of a personal need.

I got the idea, in 2011, that it’s not possible not to be able to choose your own doctor and the specific procedure to be a blind date.

The user can get into Doctoranytime, put the doctor’s name, his symptom, his illness and the system will return him a list of doctors who respond fully to his needs.

Doctoranytime as an idea and as a service is by itself innovative. And this happens because there is transparency, about the way you can choose, mainly because we are the only service offering ratings.

A second innovation is the patient’s personal profile.

At the same time, we have developed a global innovation, really, which has to do with the diagnostic centers, we have made easier the way you can go to a diagnostic center.

Doctoranytime has not been easily accepted by doctors, because we are talking about a sector that requires you to build relationships of trust.

So, what we had to deal with was very difficult.

The health sector is long-suffering and touches very sensitive parts of everyday life. Therefore, beyond our quest to simplify the doctor’s selection process and make an appointment, the second thing is definitely to help society, it is part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

So we decided to start a program that basically aims to inform as many people as possible, in order to be bone marrow donors.

When Doctoranytime began, we were deep into the crisis, so there was no money available from the Greek state for support, nor from the banks. So, my option was angel investors.

Now, Doctoranytime is profitable but until the third year that it needed money, they supported it.

Female entrepreneurship is a very long conversation, which has emerged recently in Greece.

For sure the challenges you have to face in the market are a little bit more, but they come from you, from your own choices and from the way you place yourself.

The health sector is a place that I personally think, is a playground for someone who wants to get involved with innovation and with the creation of new features and new products.

So, my problem is that there are too many ideas and I don’t know what priority to give. In any case, having met the basic needs, if that was a pyramid, we would go up to higher levels of this pyramid, to some more sensitive needs.

Another aspect that I am really interested in is how Greece will be seen abroad. And no longer as the country in crisis, in a permanent crisis, but as a country that has a lot to offer.

So, what I want is for Greece to be seen and get the place it deserves.

I am Eleftheria Zourou founder and CEO of Doctoranytime.


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  • Project Advisor: Vassilios Bartzokas