Eat. Sleep. Repeat. This is the motto of this new project by Thomas and George Douzis and Kostis Karatzas, the people behind ERGON, and it seems to fit so well to what you experience. We speak for ERGON House, the first Foodie Hotel in the world, situated at the foot of the Acropolis in the historical heart of Athens.

And the story begins

After the big success of ERGON-Agora in Thessaloniki, ERGON decided to repeat the project in Athens. A space of 3,600 square meters was the inspiration that led to the concept of food market and hospitality. As time went by, the more it was realized that this was an innovative project, something extremely new. And that’s how everything started.

The goal is to create a world where the table will be again in the center of the home. After all, one of the reasons that make cities organic, functional, and enjoyable for human living is the fact that they have always been built around markets. ERGON House wants to bring this perception to the spotlight and it seems to be doing it with great success.

Why to choose ERGON House…

ERGON is consisted by a network of independent local producers, who treat their work with honesty and sincerity. That’s the philosophy behind the ERGON House project, except for the fact that, for the first time the concepts of hospitality and Greek gastronomy, concepts that have been identified with the image of Greece worldwide, now co-exist in an innovative and creative way into a big idea. For the first time, the art of human existence around the table is reflected in hospitality, the tranquil atmosphere, the aesthetics of the handmade, in a way that exceeds the basic services of dining and accommodation.

About the products

The products you will find at come from every corner of Greece, and their quality is what characterizes the project as a whole, while at the same time they supply the cuisine of ERGON House. Moreover, in order to place them on the shelves, the producer’s have to show their faith in their product and respect for their work. The product range at ERGON House is wide: You can find more premium, fine products, or even do the simple, daily shopping needed for your own home.

The team behind the idea

Of course, none of this would happen without the valuable collaboration of creative people, experts, designers, artists, and professionals who love and know their job very well. From Urban Soul Project that gave the architectural and aesthetic line of the project to INO (mural entrance), Beetroot (restaurant frescoes), Zeus & Dione (staff uniforms) and Daniel Egneus, who did the artwork for the portraits inside the rooms. Similar are the product collaborations as well, from which the TAF team in coffees and The Clumsies in beverages do really stand out.

What’s next for ERGON House

The first ERGON in Cyprus has recently been inaugurated, the London ERGON has been expanded and one more will soon open at the Athens Airport. Also, one of the new projects coming up, called ERGON To Go, will be a grab and go chain with specialty coffee, sandwiches, etc. Finally, the surprises do not end there, as there are future plans in the wider area of hospitality too.

Mitropoleos 23, 10557, Athens, Greece
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