With great success, the workshop on interior design and architecture HQ was held for the 9th consecutive year, on Tuesday, February 4, 2019, at the Onassis STEGI amphitheater, with major artists from New York, London, Athens, Berlin and Stockholm.

The ESO workshop brought together, the most important representatives of the Greek creative scene, as it has established itself as the leading institution for the promotion of architecture and arts. It has been a complete experience for visitors, not only as a meeting and networking place for guests, but also as a communication channel between architecture, design and the world of arts.

The event was co-organized by archisearch.gr and Vassilis Bardzokas, in collaboration with Dimitris Fakinos and Graphopress from +DESIGN. Topics such as computational design, the identity of the place, experience creation, wine architecture, architecture and the city, home and hotel design, hospitality, as well as small and large-scale projects, were some of the topics discussed at the conference.

The purpose of the conference was to highlight the critical issues of architecture, as well as to link the concept of design with architectural practice. The main themes of the workshop led to a number of individual considerations, such as the need to take initiatives to implement creative projects, and the need for arts and sciences to collaborate on the realization of good works.

The great success of 9th ESO event was decisively contributed by the presenters of the evening Danae Makri, content marketing specialist and partner of archisearch.gr and DESIGN AMBASSADOR, and George Rizopoulos, standup comedian with an inventive alternating flow.