On Monday, 4 February, top artists from London, Athens, New York, Milan and Copenhagen are coming to the Onassis Cultural Center as part of the 8th ESO conference.

8 years of successful events are celebrated this February by ESO, the leading institution of projection of art and design in Greece, by archisearch.gr and Vasilis Bartzokas. Like every year, people in architecture, interior and graphic design, design and creative arts make their appointment on the long-time favorite spot of ESO, the grand Amphitheater of the Onassis Cultural Center, on Monday, February 4th.

The 8th ESO is expected to be brighter than any other year, crystallizing the many years of experience of the past events, in an exciting program presented and coordinated by the Athens Biennale artist and founder, Poka Yio.

“Our goal this year is not only to demonstrate the deep link between all areas of design and creation. We want to analyze – and not just outline – the new trends in design, in relation to man and the upgrading of his life. We aspire to predict everything that comes in the future, with solid reference to the great things that Greek design has gained in the past and the new challenges of a global environment. We want to inspire more new ideas, collaborations and participatory processes that will advance science, art and, above all, improve our lives,” says ESO organizer Vasilis Bartzokas.

The ESO Workshop is organized by the magazines ARCHISEARCH.gr and + DESIGN.

LoveGreece.com supports the 8th ESO as a communications sponsor and community partner.

Read more about speakers and the curriculum at http://esw.gr/

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