The General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality, addresses an open call to small, medium, and large enterprises, wishing to join the pilot program for the award of a Practice Equality Label, within the framework of the SHARE project.

SHARE, promoting the reconciliation between professional and personal life in companies and the equal distribution of care between men and women, is co-financed by the EU REC Program, has General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality as Coordinator and the Research Center for Issues as partners Equality and Women on Top.

The project aims to contribute to the promotion of reconciliation between professional and personal life and to highlight the efforts of companies that implement tools and policies for gender equality. 

The main activity of SHARE is the awarding of Equality Labels to companies that will be committed to the pursuit of its goals and will successfully comply with the criteria of the methodology developed within the project.

Participation in the program ensures free training of 1 to 3 executives of each company on gender equality issues in the corporate environment, to enhance their skills and know-how in the design and implementation of initiatives to reconcile work/private life and promote equality of the sexes.

Upon completion of the training, as many companies as they wish can implement corresponding actions and policies, be evaluated based on them, and claim the SHARE Equality Mark, along with all the practical and communication benefits that this entails.

Interested companies can register by filling out the application that is available here