Zoumboulakis Galleries present Nikos Moschos’s solo exhibition “Adaptation conditions” on Thursday, February 13th, 2020 at 8 pm. He will present acrylics on canvas and works on paper, created during the last few years.

The main question in this body of work is the adaptation procedure in new conditions, the idea of continuous transition, the reconstitution of material, notions and consequently of human mentality. This theme is developed around individual thematics-occasions which have preoccupied artists for centuries now (and not artists alone). Fear for death, love, vanity, authority imposition etc. constitute aspects-incidents placed in a contemporary narrative which is based on an effort to adapt in a continuously modifying condition. The speed in which developments move, has shaped a difficult to handle information flow, which does not easily allow reaction and clarification of what is truly meaningful. At the same time, these developments carry away and finally redefine all these familiar questions which preoccupy mankind. The idea of progress and development has been almost totally commercialized, thus transforming technology to a goal rather than a means to an end, and in that way it does not just stand by humans but it determines them. Knowledge does not subserve self-awareness but it is used purely as a means to speculation and imposing authority.

You can watch his interview on LoveGreece.com here.

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