From December 17, 2019 to January 12, 2020, the new artistic director of T.A.F./the art foundation, Rallou Avramidou-Μargarita Kataga, hosts the yearly exhibition STUDIOS, first presented in 2011.The exhibition series showcases the works of selected graduates from the Athens School of Fine Arts.

This year’s title of the exhibition “Territorial displacements” is inspired by the French philosopher’s Gaston Bachelard idea of phenomenology. The works of the exhibition attempt to change our perception of the image and view itself through new spatial conjugations. Poetic images, which have not been yet re-lived, invite the viewer to act, to ponder, to dream beyond the boundaries of the common. Each newly-set image is associated with an archetype existing in one’s individual consciousness.

The spatial conditions defined by the artists in the show influence consciousness itself and the subjective-poetic interpretation of the space, the environment, the metropolis itself and its conditions. The works create spaces of “translation” on the conditions of viewing, on our relationship with them and the flow starting from the base, the ground, the root. Ground defines the paths and the new directions of the body and the experience of the viewer. The visualization of the works creates shifts in space through a personal psycho-geography redefining thus our relationship with materiality and the earth’s points.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 12.00-20.00

Address: Normanou 5, Monastiraki

Free entrance

Communication sponsors: culturenow και forfreegr

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