LoveGreece.Com, the initiative of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, remains true to its vision of promoting the creativity and value of Greeks, supporting as a media sponsor the “Fashion & Luxury Law & Business” event by Tailored, held in Athens on November 1-2, 2019.

An educational seminar “tailor-made” for the fashion and luxury industry, which is created as a response to the rapid growth of this industry in Greece, to address the ever-increasing needs, the vision and the innovative ideas of those working in this demanding market.

It was a 2-day event full of education, dialogue, reflection and of course, networking. The educational journey began with the protection of intellectual and industrial property, passed into the realm of branding and business, and continued with the digital side of fashion and luxury. Finally, the 2-day session ended with an enjoyable discussion about the industry in Greece, the problems and challenges that are faced, the ideas for sustainability, and the need to substantially enhance and boost the education system, in order to motivate designers to not only do their job but also to “create”.

The founder of Tailored and organizer of the event, Alexandra Varla, said:

“I was delighted to find out that the Fashion & Luxury Law & Business Seminar achieved its goal: it brought together lawyers, designers, digital marketeers, business people, journalists and e-shops, people from seemingly completely different places, who talked creatively, thought, had a dialogue and, most importantly, got to know each other. Knowledge not only theoretical but also practical knowledge – useful tools for their business.

The message of the seminar is certainly optimistic: The fashion world understands its needs and the legal representatives are here to listen to them, finding creative solutions, focused on developing and promoting entrepreneurship in a “stubborn” Greece it does not account for economic downturns, but instead it is innovative and grows against all odds.

If I had to keep one phrase, it would be from the presentation of Sandy Tsantakis in the Fashion & Luxury Made in Greece panel: the greatest luxury, then, is the future. “.

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