A different exhibition/bazaar of branded, top quality Greek food products, made by small producers starts in Germany in autumn.

It is called FeedMeGreek (www.feedmegreek.eu), and its aim is to help small producers who do not have the means to approach the European market with an organized, efficient and inexpensive manner.

In each city that FeedMeGreek is hosted, a three-day bazaar is organized where the products are presented and sold, while there will be free tasting sessions as well.

The products will be presented to potential customers (food importers, deli shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.) in order to highlight that the Greek products are of equally high quality as the European ones, thus ensuring sales and new international partnerships.

The FeedMeGreek bazaar is organized by Doubleplus Ltd (www.doubleplus.gr) in cooperation with COCO-MAT, which provides its stores in Europe for the materialization of the exhibition, and will actively participate in the promotion.

In Germany, FeedMeGreek will be held in Berlin, Cologne and Munich and other bazaars will follow in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and other European countries.


Source kathimerini.gr.