The Rootless Root dance and movement team and Leader of, was founded in 2006 in Athens by Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek, which also created the research project “Fighting Monkey”.

This project is a frame where sculpturing, fighting, dancing, moving and writing can come together to test values and aesthetics. The team travels around the world, organizing seminars and shows in order to present its knowledge and experience on how the body and the physical substance can be expressed through theories and philosophical approaches.

The fundamental areas of Fighting Monkeys practice concern:

  • The development of Elastic Body with Plastic Brain through unorthodox games that aim to provoke creativity and ingenuity.
  • The development of Coordination and Rythm in the whole body and their crucial role both in the small (cellular level) and in the big scale (relations, habits and goals) of the human life.
  • The process of ageing and the ways we can preserve the health of our joints and of the whole musculoskeletal system so that we enhance and sustain our mobility through time.
  • The development of communication within ourselves as well as with our social and physical environment with aim to refine our learning strategies and to create stories which will inspire and feed our vigor for life.


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