Fotis Smouklis & Thanos Papaioannou, Cutcuutur leaders stamp

Fotis Smouklis and Thanos Papaioannou, graduates of Architecture university, have created Cutcuutur, a brand that implements digital production and laser cutting process by creating clothes and accessories with unique digital geometries.


With Kimona we met as students of Architecture, where we started collaborating on various projects.

We started the whole venture as a side project and eventually, in 2015, the brand made its official launch, as it exists today.

Cutcuutur is a blend of extravagant yet wearable elements, where the monochrome backgrounds of the patterns, as well as structured silhouettes that enhance femininity, are important.

Featuring laser cut prints that often create a three-dimensional effect, due to the folds they create on the fabric, the elements of movement, light and shadow are important to us.

The woman, to whom we address to, is a modern, cosmopolitan woman, regardless the age.

Inspiration, in general, can come from anything. It may be the pattern on the facade of a building, a work of art, it can also be the movement of a garment that we will notice on the street.

After all, aesthetics is something that changes.

Greece has always been a country rich in creative people and innovative minds, so this is not an area in which it is lagging behind. Thus, society is receptive to both new ideas and challenges and it is ready to adopt them.

The production of Cutcuutur is wholly owned by a Greek export company, with which we have established strategic cooperation since the brand’s launch.

When it comes to creating new products, we face two main challenges. The first one is to find new raw materials, that can apply the laser cutting process and the second one is the time it takes to research.

First of all, we want to establish ourselves in Greece and after having secured both the necessary resources and the know-how, we want to present a more complete image abroad, as fashion and especially outside Greece has a very strong competition.

I am Fotis Smouklis and I am one of the designers of the Cutcuutur brand.

I am Thanos Papaioannou and I am the production manager and administration manager of Cutcuutur.


  • Direction/Post Production: Panos Tsirozidis
  • Camera: Dimitris Zografakis
  • Production Co-ordination and Interview: DigitalWise – Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Texts & subtitles: Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Project Manager: Kyriaki Kostolidou

The interview took place in the context of the thematic presentations and actions implemented by, aiming to promote the image of Greece abroad, through the faces of charismatic Greeks who signify the outward-looking Greece.

We warmly thank the Hilton hotel for its kind hospitality and for its contribution to the video shootings.