The Fuckup Nights Heraklion began its strong presence this year with its 7th event in a row!

It was great when the hall of the Heraklion Cultural Conference Center was filled with 180 “open minds” susceptible to failure.

As we saw in the introductory video the purpose of Fuckup Nights Heraklion and the team of Bizrupt (, which is organizing the event, is to “dishearten” professionals in each industry to share their biggest failure with us, motivate us to embrace our mistakes and eventually learn together, evolve and move forward!

In the 7 minutes that the speakers had to share their mistakes and failures, we heard some very interesting fuckup stories that gave us inspiration and motivation!

However, a Fuckup Night could not be missing our favorite networking event that kept the energy high until late in the courtyard of the Cultural Center with delicious pizza from efood and Pizza Fan, as well as the unique Amstel Kargo beer IPA!

Fuckup Nights is organized in the city of Heraklion by the team of Bizrupt and expects to create a culture of acceptance around failure.

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