George Spanoudakis & Panagiotis Chatzidakis, Pinnatta leaders stamp

George Spanoudakis and Panagiotis Chatzidakis are 2 young and dynamic entrepreneurs in the very competitive and continuously evolving technological and digital market. George Spanoudakis with Panagiotis Chatzidakis and their co workers at their company Pinnatta, created an application for smartphones using Android and IOS technology. This application allows users to send ‘’live’’ messages, consisting not only of text, but also of sounds, fancy animations and innovative graphics. The recipient of this message can open it and ‘’play’’ with it until he reveals his digital ‘’gift’’ sent by a friend. Pinnatta was financed by investors in Silicon Valley as the unstable economic situation didn’t allow George Spanoudakis to find support in Greece. Soon Pinnatta will transfer its sales, marketing and client support departments in USA.


  • Direction & Post Production: Vassilis Tsapopoulos
  • Director of Photography-Camera: Andreas Stanotas
  • Interview: Yorgos Mitropoulos
  • Project Manager: Fotini Dafoti
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