According to a survey, 70% of Germans, Americans and Chinese plan to vacation in 2021. In particular, 37% of Germans, 42% of Americans and 66% of Chinese plan one or more trips for this year. Also, 25% of Germans and Americans, as well as 35% of Chinese, believe that they will spend more on private travel in the next twelve months compared to the previous one. In China, more than half of travelers estimate that they will travel more often after the end of the pandemic, according to 25% of Americans and 17% of Germans.

These are some of the findings from a recent study by ITB Berlin and the Statista research institute, conducted on a representative sample of consumers in Germany, the US and China, seeking to reveal travel behavior in the past as well as the coming concerns holiday planning.

Most of the travelers who do not want to travel this year said that the pandemic is to blame.

The individual sense of security during a trip now outweighs the potential limitations of travelers. Fifty percent of Germans who do not plan to travel in 2021 said they do not feel comfortable traveling in the midst of a pandemic. The corresponding rates for the US are 34% and for China 56%. By contrast, only 23% of Germans, 21% of Americans and 45% of Chinese said they would not travel due to travel restrictions.

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