Gina Mamidaki, President of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation  that supports and owner of  Bluegr Hotels & Resorts speaks at

Creativity, talent and openness, are the ingredients of a healthy and sustainable entrepreneurship, which is what Greece is looking for these days. Young entrepreneurs really need support and is here to help talented Greeks. In Greece there are entrepreneurs who are distinguished by  their creativity, ethics and vision, and  their work really deserves to be introduced worldwide.

What are the criteria by which the companies that are displayed through are selected?

“These criteria in fact reflect our own values ​​and business goals” she replied and went on to say “we are interested in innovative ideas, whether it is services or products, that are capable of dynamic growth.”

Sustainability is also required besides originality .

“Clearly we want our members to have a significant activity with social responsibility, because it is an expression of the values ​​we cherish. Interest and love for the community and the individual, ethical business operation, integrity and a natural desire for mentoring, for transmitting the knowledge to future generations. But most important of all, is the love for our homeland, ” she pointed out.

We also asked her about the results and the way enterprises have been promoted until now.

“Primarilly it is done through an interview, which has the look of a small documentary with English subtitles. It refers to the member’s work and its future goals and is prepared by the team”.

“We have created a very broad  network of communication partners who promote these interviews in order to achieve greater hearsay in Greece, but mainly abroad, because there lies the greater challenge,” she commented.

Such a cooperation, which helps the promotion of Greek entrepreneurship, is the projection  of the videos and interviews of at the permanent LoveGreece section of

For the better promotion of its members participates in various events. One example is the participation in the first International Economic Forum held in Delphi in which selected products were presented as gifts to all participants, as well as the participation at a business forum in Brussels, in the European Parliament and the involvement from the start as a sponsor and a strategic partner in the annual meeting of DESIGN HOTELS. has significant presence in social networks, so it is very important that all  material and content is promoted very actively also through them.

The question of course plaguing all young people who are in business  today in Greece is – is there any prospect?

In this question the motto of «We believe, we can» answers by itself.

“The Greeks can and  the young people can, even more,”  said Ms. Mamidakis. They are competent, creative, hardworking, inventive,  they can withstand the difficulties, adapt quickly, they are skilled, innovative, and they can lead.

“I believe that young people and we all have to create a culture of cooperation, to concentrate on our goal, not to be disheartened, to look after our people so they flourish and evolve and learn that failure is not a disaster,” she said.

It is very important to create prospect for young entrepreneurs. Besides, the most important  thing is for new companies to attract the attention and trust of international funds and investors. As  Workable has done for example. A Greek startup, founded in 2012, who has recently announced that it has received a 27 million dollar funding. It has  presence in 3,000 companies and 52 countries currently are using its services.

“So if they dream of business, they can and do it ” she emphasized.

You can read the entire interview at (in greek)