Gold Award in the Sustainable Package Design category for its new ECO Pack packaging was awarded to APIVITA at the Packaging Innovation Awards 2019, at a ceremony highlighting the most innovative and successful packaging ideas of the year.

With its roots in nature, APIVITA systematically strives to manage its energy and environmental footprint responsibly and sustainably. With that in mind, the packaging of its products could not be part of this philosophy.

The awards were organized by Boussias Communications’ Marketing Week, Plant and Self Service magazines, in collaboration with the Association of Material Production and Packaging Industries (SYVIPYS), and presented by the journalist Petros Koublis.

The awards night began with a short speech by the President of the Jury, Dr. Georgios Avlonitis, President of the Hellenic Academy of Marketing and Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Communication at the Athens University of Economics and Business, highlighted the companies’ strong response to the Packaging Innovation Awards 2019, a 23% increase.

A particularly important moment of the evening was the awarding of three honors to three people for their dedication and contribution to the evolution of the packaging industry. More specifically, the first honor was given to Euphrosini Roupa and Dr. Evangelos Hekimoglou for writing a book entitled “Introduction to the History of Greek Packaging” after years of research. The second honor was given by Konstantinos Euripides, Managing Director of GENESIS Pharma and President of the Entrepreneurship Club, for his overall contribution to fostering innovative thinking and the interconnection of the Academic and Business Community.