To the many important environmental challenges and the new legislation enforcements, such as the application of the new low sulfur fuel (0.5% vs 3.5%), were mentioned by the Minister of Maritime and Island Policy Mr. Yiannis Plakiotakis, opening his work on the 12th Maritime Congress on Green Shipping and Maritime Finance.

“At the last IMO meeting as the world’s first maritime power, we expressed our concerns about the availability, safety, adequacy, quality of the new fuel.

Greece was one of the first countries to adopt the use of quality fuels from oil companies supplying the new fuel. However, we consider it is necessary to monitor the enforcement of the measure in practice, as well as to ensure a level playing field for all flags. The environmental agenda must be accompanied by regulations that are both practical, realistic and enforceable.”

Closing, the Minister of Maritime and Island Policy noted that “2020 will be a year of reform and enforcement of our government program, and clearly Greek shipping, the world’s first maritime power, is one of our key priorities, as it is not only a priority in economic and social terms, but also it strengthens Greece’s strategic position”.

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