George Mitrakas opened a traditional Greek deli/café in Wageningen, Netherlands, that has evolved into the most successful restaurant in town, and now George prepares to expand further, promoting quality Greek cuisine to an audience that only recently discovered that Greece is more than just ouzo, souvlaki and syrtaki.

In his own words at “Almost three years ago, I began my effort to put together Greek Food Tales. My goal was to create something new, something fresh, something different that would promote the Greek nutritive culture along with some cultural elements. A lot of different factors contributed to this decision. My studies in Food Science, my experience in accommodation and the existing way of promoting our dietary culture in Holland were the basic reasons that led me to leave research and work on something else. Losing my father was the final push that made me take the big step towards creating something of my own.

So I came in touch with people that believed in our effort and they came to love our project and a deal was made. On 29/08/2015 Greek Food Tales expanded and now it is consisted by (besides myself) Christos Panagoulakos, Thodori Matakiadis and Nikos Alexandrakis. Our first step would be the development of a complete e-shop according to our standards and the enrichment of our products. The next step would be our presence in Utrecht, either as a grocery store, or as a traditional coffee shop or as a combination of the two!”

His interview here.

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