Invest in the opportunity to grow with travelgems which changes the way we travel by analyzing each traveler’s DNA.

Travelgems is…

Travelgems is an automated virtual concierge, acting as a facilitator to the traveler providing travel inspiration and booking to final daily trip execution. The algorithm filters a vast amount of information based on trusted experiences from locals crosschecked with each travelers DNA in order to offer a sophisticated concierge service at an affordable price.

Why will this idea work?

Hyper personalization is the key trend impacting the travel industry worldwide as globetrotters seek tailor made solutions and instant access to relevant information before embarking on their journey or while exploring their destination of choice. B2B market lacks value innovation and marketing intelligence while it is struggling to retain loyal customers. This new e- travel venture is based on a balanced revenue model. The first 2 years, projected revenue derives from an untapped area in the travel market which is actually a global innovation, whereas an estimated 40% of cumulative revenues of the 5 year plan derive from already established yet growing travel markets that fulfill the need of personalization and loyalty.

Where is it planned to operate?

The project was launched in Q4 2016. Greece acts as a testing ground while the project has already been launched in both Croatia and Cyprus in Q3 2017. The strategic 5 year plan includes rapid yet sustainable expansion in 8 European countries by 2022. The model has a tremendous potential to capture the big opportunity of finding the right global partner that will place travelgems among the most successful e travel businesses worldwide.

When and how it will explore the marketplace?

Travelgems plans to operate by 2022 with a target revenue of 17 mio€. It is based on a matrix business development model with expansion in 8 countries and sales increase in operating countries. The commercial model is based on B2B approach mainly targeting hotels- OTAs as their need to offer personalized services is perfectly fulfilled by travelgems. There is no initial acquisition consumer cost as the venture uses their customer base to grow in a sustainable manner. Travelgems aims to explore big data opportunities, introduce AI services and additional new seamless payment features offering value innovation especially for hoteliers. The customer base in 2018 counts 250k aiming to reach more than 2.6 mio in 2022.

Who is going to transform it into a successful reality?

Our management team is an effective blend of experienced executives and new talents. The areas of expertise include strategic marketing and finance. An innovative well established tech company participates in the new stakeholders scheme to introduce and secure development of new R&D features.


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