Nikos Koutsianas President and founder of the Greek Apivita Pharmaceutical Company received an important award.

The board of the HPS unanimously decided  to proclaim Mr. Nikos Koutsianas as an honorary partner of the Hellenic Pharmaceutical Society, while recognizing his contribution in the field of cosmetology and local entrepreneurship, as well as the company’s contribution to the Greek economy. Receiving the honorary praise Mr. Koutsianas was very pleased because, as she said, “This award comes from my own family” and it is a triple joy.

At the same time he pointed out that Greece has a long way to go entrepreneurship wise and concluded saying: “I would like to dedicate this award to the previous generations who have given us a good home and I want to apologise to future generations for the harm that we have done them, as we are leaving a country in debt. This award is also a commitment from all of us to continue on the path of innovation, growth and openness. “