The Hellenic Initiative announces a new sponsorship of $ 25,000 at the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Outcome Disease – CLEO. Through the sponsorship, the Hellenic Initiative supports the center in its effort to improve patient safety and the quality of health care services in Greece, with particular emphasis on the prevention of in-hospital infections and the rationalization of antibiotic use.

CLEO started by implementing small projects to solve a major problem of the Greek health system. A team of distinguished scientists from the Greek Diaspora, knowing that nearly 10% of our patients suffer from hospital infections, has decided to work to improve the situation of domestic health services.

Every year, 3000 patients die of inpatient infections, when 50% of them could have been avoided. An important part of these infections are caused by microbes that are resistant to antibiotics. Currently, Greece is at the top of Europe in the administration of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant infections. CLEO aims to reduce infections caused within Greek hospitals as well as to train hospital staff in international best practices in order to transform the health culture in Greece.

Through the THI sponsorship, CLEO will be able to carry out a new program to control the use of antibiotics. Through the collaboration of the CLEO team with specialized staff of teaching, research, medical-nursing and administrative staff from Greece and abroad, CLEO intends to evaluate the administration of antibiotics in Greek hospitals so that it is possible to design interventions that will contribute to streamlining their use.

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