HIGGS, in the context of its effort to support Civil Society in Greece in many ways, conducts a series of surveys on issues that concern it. One of these issues is the most complete information for Public Benefit Institutions, whose funding is a key source of funding for many organizations in Greece.

In this context, the aim of the research is to gather all the necessary information about the operation of the Public Benefit Institutions, their procedures and strategic priorities, as well as the topicality, and to offer them collectively and in groups to the organizations.

For more than 4 years, HIGGS has been at the forefront of Civil Society organizations having supported through training and consulting more than 450 organizations inside and outside its programs.

The research managed to gather data from the majority of active Public Benefit Institutions in Greece. Covering actors with different targeting, age and mode of operation, HIGGS considers that the results presented are representative of the funding channel “Public Benefit Institutions”, and therefore can be a useful guide to anyone interested. From Greek NGOs and organizations seeking funding as researchers and academics working in the field of Civil Society in Greece, but also from policy makers to the charities themselves.

Read the research here.