23 new trends with possible implications for the selected priority areas of the Innovation Strategy RIS3 (Tourism, Building Materials, Textiles-Clothing and Agri-food) were recorded by the Trend Platform “Horizon Scanning” of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Mechanism of (2020-2021).

“Horizon Scanning” is an innovative digital tool with the ultimate goal of continuously providing competitive information to both existing companies in the Region of Central Macedonia and start-ups, as well as to design, research and innovation agencies on international trends and developments in regional level in the 4 aforementioned sectors (Tourism, Building Materials, Textiles-Clothing and Agri-food). Its main purpose is to help, through information, the correct planning of policy, actions and decision making and in any case, the discovery of the horizon has to do with the search for “opportunities”.

The multifaceted effects of the pandemic, which now affect every sector of the modern world, further enhance the value of exploring the horizon for understanding the new reality that seems to have begun to emerge through the complex interactions of different trends and signals across society that are affected by it. Consequently, two of the strongest growths emerging from the Horizon Scanning platform refer to “New Public Health Challenges” and “Globalization 2.0”, and are directly related to many aspects of the pandemic.

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