What happens to the body during sleep? How do we spend one third of our lives? During sleep our most secret and repressed self emerges. At the same time, our body becomes vulnerable.

The Hypnos Project is a festival and today is the opening. It will take place at the Onassis Cultural Centre and it will be completed by the 18th of June.

It consists of an exhibition of modern and contemporary art, a series of performances and sleepovers, a series of sound works and walks, lectures and discussions, a theatre production, a pyjama party, and a special magazine issue.

The Hypnos Project brings to the public 65 masterpieces of Greek art to the exhibition hall of the Onassis Cultural Centre and to the Onassis Foundation. Works by contemporary artists, as well as archival data and transcribed examples from local popular culture, in an attempt to not only mutally interract but also transform each other.

A performance by FYTA will take place at the opening of the Main Exhibition, based on the slumber and awakening of the nation and its language.

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