Ilias Kyriazis leaders stamp

Ilias Kyriazis started doing comics long before realizing this could actually become a profession. After winning the first prize in the 1st national comics contest held by “Eleftherotypia” newspaper and “AKTO” art school, he began collaborating with “9” comics magazine (an insert of “Eleftherotypia”) and decided this was his calling.

In Greece, he became famous with the so called “slice of life” comics, everyday stories on life in the city. He has worked on a variety of themes, from romantic and dramatic stories, to horror and science fiction. The Greek recession forced him to look for opportunities abroad, and nowadays he is working almost exclusively for international publishers.

While he finds the world of comic books highly demanding and still can’t predict what’s in for the future, he gets excited by a sense of adventure. He believes there is a comic book for everyone, equally enjoyable as a book or a movie, that’s why he pays great attention not just on drawing but on storytelling as well.

He currently works on “Secret Identities”, a new superhero series which will be published by Image Comics starting on February 18, 2015. He also works on an anniversary edition of his Greek “Manifesto” series, which is to be published through crowdfunding.


  • Direction & Post Production: Alexis Skoulidis
  • Camera – Director of Photography: Fotis Zigouris
  • Production Sound Mixer: Sokratis Tzovanis
  • Make‐up: Eleana Kalliamvakou
  • Interviews & Texts: Paris Kormaris
  • Project Manager: Agapi Tsakpinoglou