Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a key profit tool in the hands of large corporations. But how does it affect people and work? In a world that is yearning for constant evolution, ideally at rates that exceed the speed of light itself, who takes the first place in our priorities: profit or environmental protection?


Philosophical quests of this type will be analyzed by the renowned British writer and artist James Bridle, on Saturday December 7th on the TEDxPatras 2019 stage.


A few words about the speaker

James Bridle is a writer and artist working in different fields and on various forms of technology. His artworks have been commissioned many times by galleries and institutions. His works are exhibited worldwide, both in analogue form and online. His writings on literature, culture and networks are published in magazines and newspapers (Wired, the Atlantic, the New Statesman, the Guardian, the Observer). In 2018, his book The New Dark Age was published, focusing on Technology, Knowledge and the ominous future.

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