Kostas Vriniotis, Vriniotis Winery leaders stamp

The family company Vriniotis winery is located at Gialtra, a small village of North Evia, 14km from Aidipsos. The relationship between wine and vineyard exists from older, from the era when Konsatntinos Vriniotis’s father started planting vineyards in the area and built the old traditional winery.


I was born and raised in a small village of the north Evia, Gialtra Evias, which is known for the viticulture and vinification.

To be honest I am passionate with vinification since I started working in the local association of my village where I entered the magical world of wine.

Through this passion for vinification, my goal was that at some point, I will relive Vradiano.

So, by reliving the Vradiano variety, the new planting of fresh varieties in our family vineyards, this journey continued with the creation of our winery in 2008. Since that time, 10 years passed and I could say that this journey is going on in a beautiful way.

The purpose of every wine grower is that eventually, through his work and the grapes he grows, he will create a great and magnificent wine. For me this goal is dual as the bet that I have set, to create this great and magnificent wine.

The great wine is now made on the vineyard. I am really knowledgeable in that because I keep an eye on everything, and I also believe that, so that’s why I emphasize in wine cultivation, in the production of quality grape in order to choose the right fruit and make a good and quality wine.

Now there are many countries that export Greek wines, consumers are knowledgeable regarding Greek wine and through that, the interaction and the consumption of Greek wine, I believe that now Greek wine reflects contemporary Greece.

A second effort that we are making is to expand our exporting activity and from the current 10% exports of wine abroad, to reach 30% within the next 5 years and another important and parallel activity for our winery the last years is our support in tourism. Our winery is open for visitors and for that reason, we have a license from the Ministry of Tourism, for a wine tourism business.

I am Kostas Vriniotis, winemaker of a small winery, the Vriniotis Winery from Gialtra Evias.


  • Direction/Post Production: Panos Tsirozidis
  • Camera: Dimitris Zografakis
  • Production Co-ordination and Interview: DigitalWise – Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Texts & subtitles: Niki Oikonomopoulou
  • Project Manager: Kyriaki Kostolidou

The interview took place in the context of the thematic presentations and actions implemented by LoveGreece.com, aiming to promote the image of Greece abroad, through the faces of charismatic Greeks who signify the outward-looking Greece.

We warmly thank the Life Gallery athens hotel for its kind hospitality and for its contribution to the video shootings.