For the 22nd consecutive year, the Entrepreneurship Club presented the Kouros Entrepreneurship Awards to the Greek enterprises, which with their innovation and their extroversion have resisted the crisis and showed excellent performance.

APIVITA was among the four companies that were awarded with the special prize «Green Dreams» for sustainable entrepreneurship and development. Chairman of Apivita Mrs Niki Koutsiana said  in her speech among other things that “the Greek nature and its unique biodiversity, the bees society, Hippocrates and Greek culture are awarded today. The timeless sources of our inspiration, our people”. She added that the green business is a significant parameter that will ensure that the next generations will be able to create a better future for all.

In her speech Mrs. Koutsiana also clearly said that this award is a commitment for APIVITA to promote natural lifestyle, always aiming at the well-being and quality of our life and especially for future generations.