Kyriakos Kostarelos, Cheesemakers leaders stamp

Kostarelos cheesemakers first entered the world of cheesemaking in 1937, by the keen hands of Kyriakos Kostarelos. Now, it has been passed on to the third generation, the equally capable brothers Kyriakos and Nikos, who continue their family’s legacy.

Keeping the values that were passed on to them, no other than the loyalty to the traditional cheesemaking along with the most modern techniques, they produce a large variety of products that have drawn the attention of those who are serious about cheese.

Another significant factor of the high quality of their products is their commitment to the greek mentality, which in this case is portrayed by the use of small and free herds that are fed by the pure meadows of Karistos, in South Evoia, thus achieving the similar taste that travels us to our ancestors.

Some of their creations are the famous feta cheese, the goat cheese, graviera, the desired creamy tsalafouti, ladotiri, and of course their yogurts.

Following their decision to adjust their products to the contemporary lifestyle, they reduced the amount of fat in several of their products, giving the opportunity to people with particular needs, to taste their great products.

Kostarelos Chessemakers and their exceptinal products can be found in seven stores in Attika. The one that makes the difference, because it introduces a different kind of delicatessen in Athens, is the one in Kolonaki with a unique concept. It is a Greek deli where you can find their dairy products and taste unique recipes exclusively made by the well-known chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos.

The served dishes include a great variety of sandwiches, salads and a unique plateau of cheese and sausages of strictly Greek origins. There are also excellent sweet proposals based mainly on the dairy products of the creamery.

In the store of course one can find the complete range of their dairy products, like Kostarelos award-winning feta cheese, the famous yoghurts and creams – all made with Greek fresh milk.

For more info on Kostarelos Chessemakers and their exceptinal products here.

Video Transcript

Kostarelos cheesemakers started out in the 30’s by my grandfather Kyriako Kostarelo, it was continued by my father, Christo Kostarelo now it is passed on to me and my brother, along of course with our father’s help. During the 90’s we moved the creamery to its current location and in the facade we created a shop, where apart from our cheese and yogurts we gathered traditional products from all over Greece and actually this was the first shop of its kind.

We make feta cheese, goat cheese, hard cheese, graviera cheese, kefalotiri, some traditional kinds of cheese just like the prementioned with lower fat, yogurts, strained yogurt, creams, rice
pudding, tirokafteri, tsalafouti, spreads, we have a great variety of products in general.

For the creation of our products we use greek milk, which we mainly collect from Karysto, in South Evoia. The herds are local livestock, who produce less, but higher quality milk. They are free herds, we check what they eat, where they eat, what kind of animals they are, because our philosophy is that a greek product must maintain its greek origin in its entity.

Our products are handmade. We use traditional recipes and techniques, everything that is necessary and the required equipment to ensure a certified product, along with the conditions of
hygiene that must be met.

Tradition is not something obsolete, tradition means values, the value of quality, care, and those are what we try to put into our products. We are a bit concerned, because our recipes are a bit different, but they always serve one great value, the one of quality and tradition.

We export our products in chosen stores in Paris and in London, and now we are in talks with several european countries and the United States. We consider that the great advantage
of the greek products, the greek food in general, is their high quality. We are planning our growth in the Greek market and the international markets with steady and careful steps.

In our new shop in Kolonaki, we will create a special area where our clients will be given the opportunity to taste all products, thus creating for them a round tasting experience.


  • Direction & Post Production: Alexis Skoulidis
  • Camera – DoP: Stergios Koumpos
  • Interview: Paris Kormaris
  • Make-up: Roula Lymperopoulou
  • Texts & subtitles: Elena Priovolou
  • Project Managers: Agapi Tsakpinoglou, Kyriaki Kostolidou
  • Project Director: Vassilios Bartzokas