The productivity of Greek people unfolds itself within and outside the borders of their country. The current conditions have awakened the most optimistic and most energetic side of the Greeks, and thus our fellow citizens have been lead to an extremely creative period. Along these lines, and have joined forces, united in their common goal to communicate the good works produced by Greek people.

Scientists, new startupers, artists, entrepreneurs and businesspeople compose a bloomy and fruitful environment, which the representatives of the two organisms are promoting by creating and exchanging videos, articles and interviews for their respective sites.

This initiative has a huge audience as recipients, which is not only inspired by it, but is also following in the footsteps of the creativity that is reflected through the efforts of their fellow citizens.

About the online channel NewDiaspora

New Diaspora is a web channel of participatory record that focuses on the stories of this new generation of Greeks living abroad during the time of the financial crisis. Its goal is to unite, network and inspire the democratic dialogue and the prolific interaction of ideas, uncovering the common pulse of a nation without borders.