E-SURVEY – www.esurvey.gr – is a supporter of LoveGreece.com by providing technology and expertise for the submission of applications by the candidate companies or individuals, but also for the evaluation and scoring of the proposals from the committee LoveGreece.com.

Through this special platform applications will be processed and forwarded to the judges for evaluation.

With a special design made exclusively for LoveGreece.com, the jury grades the proposals submitted, and those that collect the highest score according to the evaluation criteria, move forward for presentation via Lovegreece.com.

E- SURVEY is a technological company that creates and develops measuring platforms for the customer experience via tablet. The survey of customer satisfaction becomes fast and easy with the use of tablet. The comparative advantage of the platform is that it works without the use of data. If there is no 3G or wifi no data is lost. Recording customer experience can be done in hotels, restaurants, on the road and wherever there is contact with the customer.